Karcher Window Vac Buying Guide

Due to the number of comments received about the statement in the karcher window vac review here that mentions that there are not quite perfect standard WV50 appliances available it appears that clarification of what is meant is required. What was actually said was

As far as we can determine nearly all of the negative reviewers had purchased their products from online sources other than Karcher or Amazon and those that did so via Amazon did so through a marketplace seller (not from Amazon themselves). on further investigation these sellers appear to be selling returns or ‘A’ grade or ‘B’ grade electronics”.

First a quick explanation of what these grades are, graded electrical appliances are graded as A or B, A grade are considered perfect and should be complete in every way, some retailers call this ‘open box’ stock as that is the only thing that has happened since they received the item., however B grade covers a vast range of not perfect products but can be ideal for some people. Generally B Grade products would include ex-display, end of line or customer returns that are complete and ‘as new’, they should be complete with instructions, accessories and more importantly the manufacturers warranty will still be valid. The problem is that for some retailers (unscrupulous?) this will also cover stock that I would consider ‘C Grade’ such as products that have been returned by a customer as faulty but it has been used, damaged goods and with some sellers even refurbished is considered ‘B Grade’.

What we found in our research for the main review was that people who were leaving bad reviews regarding battery life and poorly performing accessories were people who, when asked where they bought it from had bought it from said they had bought it from places most of us would not consider mainstream retailers. Ebay is prime suspect here but also Amazon marketplace was mentioned at least once, the way to avoid this is simple, apply the same rules as you do in the off line world. Would you buy this appliance from a street market trader who was selling them at half the retail price? You may be tempted but if you did you wouldn’t really be surprised if it was faulty or damaged in some way. Same applies online, although at least with Amazon marketplace you have the security of their customer service behind the product and returns are not a problem.

To buy from eBay, Amazon ‘MarketPlace’ or some other online retailer that you do not recognise then ensure you do your homework, make sure they explicitly state somewhere in the sales page that they are setting official merchandise and not graded or returned items. Note however that you only need to worry about Amazon marketplace sellers not Amazon themselves, if the item is supplied by Amazon it can be trusted, however if buying after clicking where it says ‘available from these sellers’ then please take 5 minutes to read the sellers profile and feedback before buying. Ebay is exactly the same, ensure you read the feedback for the seller you are considering and preferably about the same product, the images below show you how to make sure that Amazon are the supplier.

We love Amazon and eBay here at the DIY People as they certainly push prices down for consumers so please don’t think we are ‘warning you off’ either of those market places, quite the opposite but you need to know how to shop successfully at these places. We know 95% already know this but we get enough questions about it that it should be made clear.

As for the other buying guide question of where to buy the karcher window vac?


UK Retailers


US Retailers


Amazon.co.uk  £47.99 Amazon.com  $69.46

 £50 ish – Variable Tyler Tool $79.99
Argos  £59.99
Screwfix Direct  £69.99

We have received a number of common questions about the window vac which we will be addressing in the next post..


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  1. Thanks for clarifying this for me. I am in the process of finding somewhere to buy the Window Vac for cheap from but I think I will just stick to Amazon now so I can at least return it. Looks like they are actually the cheapest anyway. Nat xx

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