Fiskars Weed Puller

Fiskars Weed Puller.

If you have a TV in your home that is switched on even occasionally you cannot have failed to notice this all over your screen.  It’s that time of year when our thoughts turn to all those damn dandelions polluting our otherwise perfect lawn.  So is it as easy as it looks in the advert that has been assaulting your senses.  Here at the DIY people we decided to buy one and report on it and let you have the opportunity to submit your Fiskars weed puller reviews.

First here is the Fiskars weeder advert so we all know what we are testing, there is a much more impartial video further down the page as well that is not selling the product.

So we can see from the advert that this thing is simplicity itself to use and of course you will be jumping around with delight like a fairy on steroids once you have used it a few time!  Forgive my cynicism of adverts and advertisers but I’m guessing that is not the reality for most people; however the question is whether it is really any good and what other user experiences have been with it.  The product description from the company goes like this…

“The Fiskars Weed Puller is a great invention for removing weeds, such as dandelions, from the garden. The tool is easy and comfortable to use: no digging or bending down is required and no chemicals are needed. The Weed Puller’s deep-reaching stainless steel claws grab the weed’s root from multiple directions to pull it out of the ground. The ejection system allows a clean and efficient result.



  • Deep-reaching stainless steel claws grab the root from multiple directions
  • Leverage point from the ground level
  • Ejection system helps to release weed after pulling
  • Removes weeds without the use of chemicals
  • Comfortable working posture, no digging required”



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Fiskars Weed Puller Reviews

The Fiskars Weed Puller in Large FormatSo we bought ours from for £31.74 (RRP £39.99) and used free standard delivery, express delivery is available for a cost of £5.95, there are some cheaper sellers on Amazon now but that’s what we paid.

First impressions straight out of the box were that it was nice and lightweight although felt well constructed.  It feels like a well balanced, well make product, it is constructed from hardened aluminium with the teeth being made of stainless steel for strength.  There is some plastic however that made me think it might be a bit flimsy, however in use this proves not to be the case, overall a very well put together piece of kit.

Does The Fiskars Weed Remover Work?

The short answer is yes it does but as usual with some variance from the promoted version of events.  It definitely makes light work of weeding and speeds the whole process up immediately, what seemed like 2 or 3 hours work was done in less than half an hour and with no bending or stooping to talk about making it suitable for just about everyone to use.  There is no real strength requirement as the claws do grip the weed very well and other than a bit of wiggling the leverage provided by the foot step is enough to extract all but the toughest of weeds.  A word of warning both very dry and extremely stony ground would make this process difficult and probably impractical for most people.

In open ground it is simple to position the claws, push into the ground and remove the offending weed, it is well designed so you can get weeds right up close to walls or paths but for those really tight to the wall you may have resort to a little manual digging.

Call me a simpleton but with the weed pulling so easy the best part was the release of the weed into the waiting bag, the release action is like that of a pump action shotgun which made me smile every time I used it.  I even acted out a little as i approached the rubbish bag before letting loose with the pump action :).

The Bad Bits

Holes in the ground; believe it or not when you remove the weed it leaves behind a hole in the ground where the weed used to reside.  This seemed obvious to me but if you spend any time on gardening forums and retailers sites it appears many people do not expect to have holes left behind. When you pull a weed with the Fiskars weed puller there is a hole left behind, however it is smaller than the equivalent hole from traditional methods and should be refilled in the same way with the loose dirt from the weed roots.  I personally didn’t use that method but had a bucket of new lawn compost that i filled the holes with.  Whatever way you do it I do not see this as a negative of the product but rather a law of physics or some such thing.

Fiskars weed puller step-by-step

Poor weed pulling; some talk has been about the failure of the tool to pull ‘proper’ weeds like dandelions and docks etc.  Well I can report in my test using the leverage technique above I successfully extracted a dandelion with roots that were almost 8 inches in length.  Of course there will be some that it cannot cope with that have longer and more stubborn roots.  This problem was exacerbated on very dry and hard ground so my suggestion is to only use when the ground is reasonably soft, let’s face it when the ground is extremely hard you wouldn’t get the trowel out for weeding deep tap roots anyway.


I loved this product; despite hating weeding I found it a great aid to the job making it a super fast and successful endeavour.  However this is not a huge breakthrough in weed removal, it just does what we always have done with a trowel more elegantly, and with a greater degree of success.  The speed with which you can go and pull weeds of all kinds is phenomenal and its best selling point for me closely followed the ease of use regardless of the ability of the user.

Could anything be done better? Yes as always but this is pretty close to being as good as it can be, my main wish would be for a version with slightly longer claws to allow it to deal with longer rooted plants with more success.  about 30% of the long established dandelions i used it on snapped at the root and the longer claws could reduce that further.


Have you got one? Do you want one?  Want to leave a review or comment? we would love to hear from you..

Some UK stockists of the Fiskars weed puller are… from £28.99

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Fiskars Weed Remover
Average rating:  
 15 reviews
by Stevie Kay on Fiskars Weed Remover
Fiskar Weed Removal Tool

This tool is excellent for removing weeds from your lawn. All you have to do is follow the how to use instructions. When used correctly, weed removal is quick and easy with very little physical effort. No strain on your back. You can rid your lawn of weeds in a very short time. I'm amazed and you'll be too. Use with confidence.

by dar on Fiskars Weed Remover
Fiskars weeder review

Hi there. I have the Fiskars 4 claw weeder. I found this to be a really great weeder. but the plastic Fiskars uses does not last with the stress created from the fulcrum point of the tool. I have mentioned this to Fiskars and in my Amazon review. Also, Fiskars has a lifetime warranty given normal use. I sent a picture of the catastrophic failure to Fiskars and posted on Amazon. I had to move my 5 star rating down to a 3 star. I purchased the weeder in Aug of 2014. I started noticing the stress cracks after pulling about a hundred weeds during the first season. I kept using it for the next few seasons and guessing I pulled about a thousand weeds before it recently broke - June 2017. I've seen some comments on Amazon that it broke after only pulling about 30 weeds. I wrote to Fiskars warranty program and received a reply that they're sending me a new one. I hope this review helps.

by Rick on Fiskars Weed Remover
Very good tool, but...

I live in Texas, USA. Here, most lawns are grown using Saint Augustine grass. My weed nemesis is named Johnson Grass. It loves all of the weed & feed products, so the only way to be rid of it is to dig it out. It seems to grow in clumps up to a foot in diameter. This makes using the Fiskar Uproot Weeder a repetitive process for each clump, since the area pulled is only about a 2 inch circle. I did not follow the 'suggestion' to loosen my soil by watering it first, but anyone else with hard packed dry soil should definitely NOT miss this step. I used a wagon with a bag for putting the pulled weeds in and a bag of topsoil for filling in the holes after I got the weed out. That was working well for me. Unfortunately, my Weeder broke with less than 20 of maybe 100 clumps removed from my yard. When it was working, it was great, and I agree with the other reviewer who said it was like using a pump action shotgun getting the weed out of the puller. I wish that Fiskar had used more steel parts instead of plastic in the working mechanism (specifically the housing and the step lever), I would definitely have paid more for it if they had. After the warranty department replaces mine, I will be more careful with this tool in the future. It is warranted for 25 years, but I hope I don't have to replace mine very often. Only 4 hours of work is not a very good start.

Thanks for your review, its good to hear from someone in a different part of the world with different gardening problems. $ hours does seem pretty quick to break so lets hope the one you had was faulty and the replacement gives better service. Definitely loosening the soil might help with the life of the tool. Thanks again for the review

by Woody on Fiskars Weed Remover
Its not all good

I disagree, for me this is a 3 star review, it works ok but I dont like the wholes it leaves behind and sometimes it just doesnt pull that well. especially when a stone is in the way.

Theres not much that can be said about stones, they just have to be a fact of life. Thank you for your review, it really helps others to read these

by Garden Chicks on Fiskars Weed Remover

Brilliant, Goodbye weeds - FOREVER

by Barney on Fiskars Weed Remover
Fiskars weed remover review

Fantastic, if your wondering whether this works - it does - go buy it now before it sells out

by Tony - The Old Tiger - Dodd on Fiskars Weed Remover
Fiskars Weed Puller Review

Purchased from an Ebay seller and it arrived next day as promised, original box and fully guaranteed. Straight out the box it required no assembly which was a nice surprise. I immediately went to the lawn and started pulling dandelions from my lawn, it worked really well and the best thing is it requires no real effort to use, perhaps a small wiggle on really stubborn roots. Removing docks also worked well and any holes left in the lawn soon fill and regrow even without any further work by me, I just let the worms do their job.

It is light and can be used for a long time without exhausting the user (I'm 70) so for me this really was great

Thanks for this comprehensive review - we love to hear your experiences

by Jamie Duffin on Fiskars Weed Remover
Wicked weeder

Another happy buyer here, thank you fiskars for a great tool and thank you diy people for giving me the confidence to buy it in the first place

It's our pleasure - Thanks for being part of the DIY people

by Tim Kearney on Fiskars Weed Remover
Simple and effective..

Someone has to say it..

"It does exactly what it says on the tin"


Thanks for taking part

by Jean Rockingham on Fiskars Weed Remover
Fiskars weeder puller

Its so good even my teenage son doesn't mind helping out.

Hmm I wonder if that will continue

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  1. Saw this on the TV and arrived here when looking for reviews, I just ordered on and hope its as good as the reviews seem to suggest

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  2. I keep reading about the holes, are they really that big? i have a lot of weeds and would love an easy way to get rid of them but dont want to have a lawn full of holes.

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  3. Its really hard to find negative reviews of this

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  4. I bought this because of your site – thank you

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  5. Unlike the review above i had to remove a screw from mine before it could be used, not really assembly but might make a differencce to some people. Mines is the telescopic version which is perfect for me as I’m really tall

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  6. The weed puller worked great for about 3 months (100 weed pulls), then the handle separated from base.

    I’m working on engineering change to epoxy the handle to base and also add a bolt through the handle/steel base.

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