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We are a site dedicated to bringing real reviews and real opinions regarding products you use for the home, kitchen, garden, lifestyle and of course DIY.  We do not walk around DIY superstores and check out every product but we do hope to cover products that are interesting, new, just released as well as some old favourites.  We launched in April 2012 and have been adding products on regular basis so our database of reviews will grow as we move forward.

We are delighted to hear from our readers and actively encourage any of our website visitors to leave comments or their own reviews about any of the products on test.  We are also keen to hear from anyone who has a product they would like tested or reviewed.  To leave a review of a product you will need to join our community – don’t worry we don’t Spam or sell your email address – by signing up where you can create your own posts to review any product you wish as long as it fits in our broad categories.  There is no need to sign up just to leave a comment.

We hope you enjoy your stay and look forward to hearing from you now click on any of the product names below to go see the test results and reviews associated with it or dive in using the links on the right hand side to our most recent reviews.


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